A Letter to my Sixteen Year Old Self

A Letter to my Sixteen Year Old Self




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The growing up of a very beautiful soul.

leslie graham

This is so enlightening. ♡


love this. somehow, parts of it felt directed at me, too. I suppose that is the beauty of the written word. thank you for sharing your inner worlds with us, Ruby!


Thank you for sharing this, Ruby. I recently turned 23 years old and as a 16 year old, I had such a hard time thinking about what I wanted from life and I was unable to picture myself as a young adult. You have inspired me to write a letter to my 16 year old self. She deserves to find solace in who we are today.

Side note: I want to express to you how extremely grateful I am for your existence. You have helped me to discover a side of myself I had been long disconnected from. I am embracing slow, productive living because that is what brings me joy. I am learning to let go of this need to be constantly achieving and you are the person to have shown me that. I am eternally grateful. Thank you.


This makes me think about how formative late-teen years are. Your empathy with your younger self is so inspiring <3


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