A Letter from the Final, Rainy Day of Spring

A Letter from the Final, Rainy Day of Spring

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Thanks for sharing your creative works. The rain drops on the rainy day letter, I felt them as I read! I love listening to rain drumming on a tin roof and staring at the rain.


I’ve just read all of the posts so far and am so happy you’re sharing short writing like this. Your nature descriptions are delightful. I look forward to more, Ruby!

Nailah Huq

My favourite thing to do when it rains is to stand outside and let the cold raindrops touch my hot skin, and to breathe the scent of the wedding between earth and rain. And rain reminds me that even though periods of life may feel gloomy like the rain, beautiful flowers flourishing are to come!


Lovely letter, also I love that it is handwritten!

I love the rain. Particularly in the spring and summer. When the first raindrops fall in the spring, the scent it brings is cozy but at the same time thrilling, inspiring and motivating. The promise and potential of a very beautiful new chapter.

I can’t wait to read your book and I look forward reading more of your work here on the blog :-)!


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