A Letter from Sunday Morning

A Letter from Sunday Morning

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I was watching on of your newest videos when I read the description. I clicked on the link hoping to find something to inspire creativity, when I clicked on this letter. I have a really hard time living in the moment and not rushing toward the future trying to outrun the dark shadows of the past. As I read this letter, I could only think of all the things I miss trying to hope for a better tomorrow and future. Your writing is perfect for someone who needs to slow down and admire the beauty of today, the slowness of the days as the wind guides us into tomorrow. I will definitely be reading this letter again and again. For the days where I can’t seem to find any happiness in the slow shift of the days.


love the way you enjoy your passion

Phạm Xuân Thảo

Ruby, I completely understand you. I am the one who loves Sundays, although, maybe it is because my Mondays are not always stresful. But, when I am at home, I really love a long breakfast in our terrace and a coffee with some cake after lunch while watching some part of Hercule Poirot, haha.. (with David Suchet , the series is broadcasted here in Slovakia always on Sunday afternoon ). And then reading and just hanging around…
Ruby, you are so right, we need to be more present in our lives, this is our way to happiness…And I like so much your website, it makes sense…I feel better after reading your letters, just like I feel better after watching your youtube and tiktok and so on…And I am happy I can read what you are writting, because I can understand much more while reading than while listening (my english is still not perfect).
Have a happy summer days, Ruby!


I absolutely love this and completely agree. We as a society are always rushing to the next thing. Thinking about after school, after uni, after this job. We should all take a few moments to enjoy the now, whatever that is. 🌸

Willow Daymond

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